by: Mel Ng

As anyone living or working in Toronto’s downtown core knows, green spaces are precious in a concrete jungle. The streets around Sanctuary in particular are rapidly getting built up! We’re blessed with a plot of green space at the back of our building. For several years now, we have had a seasonal initiative known as the “Garden Dreamers.” A changing roster of sta have dreamed and engaged our community with the possibilities of seed, soil, and growth each spring and throughout the summer. Planters have been built, the yard has been raked and cleaned, and tulips and crocuses planted in year 1 continue to pop back up tenaciously after each winter.

Our little backyard sits beside George Hislop Park, a city park that will soon be undergoing major revitalization. It’s time for our Garden Dream to grow even bigger! Our community has long desired to have a place of solace and remembrance, a place to honour and remember many lost friends from over the years. We would love for our little backyard to provide an experience of beauty, an oasis for our community, and an opportunity for welcome and positive interaction with our neighbours (the number of which has increased exponentially, with all the condos built in the last few years). We hope our backyard can become a space to rest and absorb the curative power of nature, a much-needed medicine for those living in the gritty city. We dream that our garden can be a gathering place for creativity, friendship and renewal.

So this year our Garden Dreamers are dreaming again…and dreaming big. We hope to move forward with some major redesign of the space, and consult with our community along the way to ensure the garden reflects what we value together. We will definitely need special financial support for this endeavour! If you would like to help us make strides for beauty, please get in touch. Here’s to getting our hands dirty in the soil and reaching for ever more beauty to nourish and sustain us!

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