DSC_5827_EDITED “But I found more about myself, I’m pretty artistic, man, I didn’t know that and it’s just awesome.” Quote from a participant in our Fairy Tale workshop in the spring of 2017, courtesy of Blake, Ainsworth and Huang.     When you hear something like the quotation above, you know in your heart that what you’re doing is worth it. And it is always worth it, whether we hear those things or not. Because even though we don’t always hear that, it’s there; it may just be underneath the surface, or it may be buried way deep down. The more we provide our community with the opportunity and the space to engage in creative activities, the more opportunity they have to discover how truly wonderful they were created to be. We believe that everyone was created in the image of the Creator. If that is true, then we are all creative beings and we need the space to be creative – whether that is through pencil, paintbrush, math, English, paper, glitter, C++, music, Lego, theatre, storytelling, or any one of the myriad ways we choose to express ourselves.DSC_5792_EDITED When our friends see the deeper truth about who they are, they rise up. They become more confident. It’s not a panacea, it’s not a silver bullet. It is a truth. It is beautiful. And out of that truth and beauty, they have the chance to be celebrated. Celebrate with me now as you look at some of our friends creating (and some of their creations!). Please consider joining with us financially as well. This fall we are holding our annual fundraiser – Making Strides for Sanctuary! We are setting a very huge goal for ourselves – $150,000. You can donate through the website:  tinyurl.com/sancstrides Any amount you can give would be greatly welcomed as we continue to Make Strides at Sanctuary to become a healthy and welcoming community.

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