Dear Friends,
Some of you will have heard that we have recently made a sudden decision to close down our drop-in programs for a period of seven weeks this summer. Our intention is to reopen on Tuesday, August 8. This decision should – rightly – come as a surprise to you. With this post, we hope to give you some understanding of why we have made this move.

It feels like we could summarise our motivation this way:

“There are several aspects of the ways that we exist in this community that are making this work unsustainable for a number of us. One of our chief concerns is a pattern of violence that we have been seeing escalate over many months, if not years. If we are going to continue to live in this community – as we desire to do – we must address these issues before it is too late.”

In order to have those conversations, while also having time to provide some ongoing relational support to many of our friends in the Sanctuary community, and while also not running the risk of further burning ourselves out trying to juggle these needs, we felt that we needed to take this stretch of time off. During this time, we have scheduled nine full-day staff meetings while being able to use the other days to meet with our friends in the neighbourhood, do some structured outreach, visit other drop-ins and keep up with the necessary administrative work that this work requires.

Please know that we did not arrive at this decision lightly. We are deeply sorry that we will have our doors essentially closed during this time. Neither is it the case that we are spoiling ourselves with some extra vacation time. We are working hard to address core issues that will allow us to remain in this work sustainably for a long time. And we are doing so while also finding ways to remain engaged in so many of the beautiful friendships with which we have been entrusted.

Thank you for your prayers and support during this time.

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