Sanctuary [a poem]

When Janice Towndrow, author of the lovely poem you see here, saw this flowering tree in our alley, her breath caught in her throat and she exclaimed, ‘talk about God in the alley!’ Sanctuary Beneath the city’s lofty shafts Steel glazed with darkling panes Sits a... read more

A View From Here – Spring 2016

[written by Greg Paul, posted by Lyf Stolte] We gather because we belong to each other. It doesn’t always feel that way. I’ve been at some family get-togethers at which I felt like the odd man out, and others when somebody else was in a huff. The worst is when there’s... read more

How To Receive Gifts

[originally posted on, reposted here by permission of Greg Paul] When, early in 1992, I began full time work at what would soon become Sanctuary, I had already been involved in some kind of consistent outreach work in the inner city for close to... read more

Eulogy for the Ones Who Never Had a Chance

[originally posted on] My friend Matt passed away a short while ago. Earlier on the day he died, he called the only man who ever really acted as a father toward him, and said that he was on his way from one Northern Ontario city to another in... read more